What are the advantages of barcode printers in warehouse management applications

- Jul 18, 2018-

What are the advantages of barcode printers in warehouse management applications?


At present, there are still many enterprises whose warehouse management mode is relatively backward. Many large and medium-sized enterprises still use manual recording and manual verification. This greatly reduces the efficiency of employees, increases labor costs, and increases the chance of error. Many companies are also thinking about introducing bar code management, so what are the advantages of using bar code printers in warehouse management applications?


1. Reliable and correct. There is information to check the keyboard to input an error of even every 300 characters, and the barcode is input evenly with an error of every 15000 characters. If the checksum is added, the error rate is one in ten million.


2. Data input speed is fast. Keyboard input, a typist who plays 90 words per minute can input 12 characters or strings in 1.6 seconds, and using the barcode generated by the barcode ribbon, the same work takes only 0.3 seconds, the speed is improved by 5 times. .


3. The bar code printer is cheap. Compared with other automated identification technologies, the promotion of bar code printer technology requires less cost.


4. The barcode printer is flexible and practical. The bar code symbol can be used alone as a means of identification, or can be automatically identified with the relevant device composition identification system, and can be linked with other control devices to achieve automatic management of the entire system. At the same time, manual keyboard input can also be achieved without automatic identification of the device.


4. Bar code printers have a large degree of freedom. Barcodes usually express information in only one dimension, and the information represented on the same bar code is identical and continuous, so that even if the bar code tag is partially defective, the correct information can be entered from the normal portion.


6. Barcode printer equipment is simple. The barcode symbol recognition device has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

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