what are the advantages and disadvantage of the all-in-one

- May 27, 2019-

The so-called all-in-one computer refers to the integration of the host of the traditional split desktop on the base of the display to form an integrated desktop. In a common sense, the computer mainframe and the display are integrated together to form a whole, as long as the keyboard and The mouse is connected to the display and the computer can be used normally.

The advantages of the all-in-one computer

First, the connection is small: the one-computer is similar in appearance to the laptop, taking up space.Small, and no messy line connection, as long as a power cord can complete all the connections, very simple, no more than the desktop computer has audio lines, video lines and other lines. .

Second, the occupied space is small: the shape of the all-in-one computer is similar to that of a laptop computer, and it takes up a small space. It only needs to put a small table at home to work normally.

Third, low energy consumption: the all-in-one computer uses LED LCD screen and heat pipe cooling system and simple structure, so that the energy consumption required during use is greatly reduced. Generally speaking, it only needs normal desktop computer energy consumption. One third of the.

Fourth, performance: use the same components as desktop computers. Desktop PCs have the same performance as a one-of-a-kind computer and can be extended for upgrades. However, due to thermal limitations, the expansion space is not very large.

Fifth, the integration is high, the integrated computer has a high degree of integration, and has a host, audio, camera, microphone, Bluetooth, and the like.

Sixth, stylish, one machine computer simple, stylish, and notebooks in general, you can make its appearance more stylish, can have a visual beauty.

Seventh, it is convenient to carry, because it is highly integrated and small in size, so it is very convenient to carry. 

The disadvantage of the all-in-one computer

First, the configuration is relatively poor, only to meet part of the functional requirements, no comprehensiveness of the desktop computer

Second, the heat dissipation is poor, and the computer space is limited. The heat dissipation of the all-in-one computer is poor. Once you play a large 3D game or start other large programs, it will cause great inconvenience.

Third, no battery, compared with the notebook, although it is not large, but the one computer does not have the battery of the laptop.

Fourth, DIY upgrade limitations, compared with desktop computers, the DIY upgrade of the all-in-one computer has great limitations.

Fifth, the expansion performance is poor, can only be extended by usb, can not be inserted into external devices such as pci cards.

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