What applications and benefits for Bluetooth printer

- Feb 24, 2020-

With the development of Bluetooth technology, people are more and more inclined to get rid of the shackles of wired devices. However, due to the influence of the volume, the printer does not have a good solution, so the Bluetooth printer follows the trend. The portable method and the wireless printing method are favored by consumers.

Bluetooth printer is the application of Bluetooth technology in the printer, which eliminates the inconvenience brought by printer connection and realizes wireless printing. It can reduce unpleasant cables on your desktop, and it can remove the printer from the host and place it in the proper place in the room.

Bluetooth technical specifications are globally uniform. Bluetooth printers can be widely used in membership software and can be used for mobile printouts such as membership card numbers, police, government affairs, environmental protection, health and testing.

Bluetooth technology is a real-time technology. It does not require a fixed infrastructure and is easy to install and set up. It does not require connecting cables and is easy to use. It only needs to be paired and it has a low operating threshold.

Compared with infrared and other methods, the Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed. The theoretical maximum speed of Bluetooth 4.0 is 24Mbps.

Although there are many advantages, since the Bluetooth transmission protocol is the same as other 2.4G devices sharing the same signal in this frequency band, it will inevitably lead to signal interference. In addition, the Bluetooth protocol is not a free technology. Any manufacturer using this technology must pay royalties to the organization. This part of the cost will also be reflected in the cost.

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