Washing label printer

- Apr 16, 2020-

The washing label printer is a printer used to print the fabric composition and correct washing method of various clothes. From the point of view of usage, there are different types of water-marking printers for printing different quantities of products. Commonly used are commercial washing label printers, desktop washing label printers, industrial and commercial dual-use washing label printers, industrial washing label printers, etc.


Main performance parameters:

1) Plastic steel shell, small and exquisite, beautiful and elegant;

2) Printing accuracy 300dpi, maximum printing width 104mm, maximum printing speed 50mm / s;

3) 2MB FLASH ROM, 4MB DRAM memory, support 39, 93, 128, PDF-417

4) Thermal / thermal transfer method, built-in multiple character libraries to facilitate printing various barcodes, text, graphics;

Build a variety of fonts to facilitate printing various barcodes, texts, and patterns;

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