Visa payWave

- Oct 29, 2019-

Visa payWave 

VisapayWave is a new feature for Visa chip cards that supports contactless payment at the point of sale using the latest Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in communications technology. Designed to bring electronic payment methods into the traditional cash-based retail industry, speed and convenience are important for merchants in these industries, such as convenience stores, gas stations, buses, fast food restaurants and movie theaters.

Visa payWave also supports heterogeneous and non-card devices such as cell phones, keychains (for wireless security controls) and other personal electronic devices. Inside the phone with Visa's contactless payment function is a security chip and thin copper wire. The copper wire acts as an antenna to quickly and securely transfer payment information to a card reader connected to the POS terminal. Payment is done by radio, similar to the bus card payment method: just put the Visa payWave card close to the contactless payment reader on the POS terminal (usually called "dongle"), after the card reader detects the card, the card The chip is powered up immediately. In this way, a wireless communication protocol can be established between the card and the card reader, and the transaction information can be exchanged in about 400 ms, which is convenient, fast, and safe.

In terms of compatibility, Visa payWave is fully compatible with the global EMV smart card specifications adopted by banks worldwide and in the Asia Pacific region. The ISO 14443 standard interface between the card and the reader can support Near Field Communication (NFC) to support personal electronic devices such as cell phones or PDAs. Visa contactless payment terminals or readers can accept payments with Visa non-contact mobile phones without any changes.

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