VFD customer display test

- Nov 05, 2019-

VFD customer display test

(1) VFD220E customer display adopts the international ESC/POS and CD5220/2 standard general command set, no need to install any driver. No matter in the DOS or WINDOWS platform, you only need to send data to the serial port according to the format of the command set to display the content without shaking hands.

(2) RS232 serial interface standard: baud rate = 9600, parity = no, data bit = 8, stop bit = 1.


(3) Test under DOS, do not start any program, follow the steps below to test, directly input numbers and characters at the cursor prompt, test whether the guest is intact.

        C:>MODE COM1 9600, N, 8, 1

        C:>TYPE CON>COM1


(4) Enter the number directly at the cursor and press Enter to display the number to the display. After the test is successful, press Ctrl+C to exit the edit state and return to the DOS state.


(5) Test using the test software provided on the CD. In Windows, first unzip the Display Demo.EXE file, then open the Demo test program, select the COM port to connect to the guest display, and then select the corresponding guest display type CD5220 or ESC/POS, point to the automatic test, and test whether the guest display is intact.

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