USB transfer and pin-type small ticket printer setup experience

- Nov 04, 2019-

1. What to do without a parallel port: What if there is no parallel port on the motherboard? The method is to use a USB to parallel port line. There is such a line on the market, one end of the wide mouth is connected to the printer, and one end of the U port is connected to the computer, and the drive is installed.

2. How to find the print driver: You can check the printer model on the bottom or back of the printer, and search for the relevant driver by model and printer name. After downloading the driver, unzip it to the system directory. It is best to manually specify the directory to be installed under the system partition. After the installation is complete, select the model driver for the corresponding printer.

3. Set the relevant printer port: If the port cannot be set correctly, the printer will be installed, and it will not work properly or print. The port you can't set as the system default LPT, because this is the time you can use the original LPT line, and now you are connected to the USB to the parallel port line, so set to the USB virtual port.

4. The printer does not stop printing: When playing a test page or a small ticket, the small ticket comes out for a long time, what does it stop? It turns out that the size of our paper is not set correctly. The size of the paper should be vertical, 76*297 (set according to need, not necessarily this value), if you set it to 76*3276, it will produce quite long paper, which looks like non-stop paper.

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