Usage environment of built-in 2D barcode scanner module

- May 28, 2018-

Usage environment of built-in 2D barcode scanner module


Compared with the general hand-held scanners, the built-in scanners are limited by the machine, so it seems that the scanners are not widely used in general. But in fact, as early as the mobile phone Alipay has not yet begun to popular, many embedded 2D barcode scanner module has begun scanning mobile phone LCD screen. For example, an autonomous ticket machine in a movie theater is an example.


At present, there is a row of self-service machines at the entrance of the general theater. This is an all-in-one machine with a two-dimensional code reading function. As long as the bar code on the mobile phone is placed on the scan port, the ticket is issued immediately, which saves a few seconds compared to entering the mobile phone number and password.


Usage environment of built-in two-dimensional barcode scanner module: easy to embed a variety of devices as bar code reading components applications, such as display booths, ticket checking machines, vending machines and so on.


The built-in 2D barcode reading device breaks through the previous reader's working mode and adopts an independent functional modular design, so that the core functional module can complete the integration of the space of the integrated machine, counter, etc., greatly improving the product's Work efficiency. In order to meet the color requirements of the embedded application, the mainstream color matching between black and white can be used to achieve better color matching with a variety of devices to achieve better built-in use effects.

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