UPS main classification

- Dec 06, 2019-

UPS main classification

UPS is divided into three types according to the working principle of backup, online and online interactive.

Among them, our most commonly used is a backup UPS, which has the most basic and most important functions of UPS such as automatic voltage stabilization and power failure protection. Although it generally has a conversion time of about 10ms, it is cheap and reliable due to its simple structure High performance and other advantages, so it is widely used in microcomputers, peripherals, POS machines and other fields.

Backup UPS power is divided into backup sine wave output UPS power and backup square wave output UPS power.

Backup sine wave output UPS power supply: single machine output can achieve 0.25KW ~ 2KW, when the mains power changes between 170V ~ 264V, provide the user with the mains power processed by the voltage regulator; when the mains power exceeds the 170V ~ 264V range Only UPS provides high-quality sine wave power.

Backup square wave output UPS power supply: Unlike the backup sine wave output UPS power supply, it only provides users with a 50Hz square wave power supply.

The structure of online UPS is more complex, but its performance is perfect, and it can solve all power problems. For example, the four-way PS series, its outstanding feature is that it can continuously output pure sine wave AC power with zero interruption, and it can solve all the peaks, surges, frequency drifts, etc. Power problem; due to the large investment required, it is usually used in critical power and environment such as critical equipment and network centers.

Compared with the backup type, the online interactive UPS has a filtering function, has strong anti-interference ability, and the conversion time is less than 4ms. The inverter output is an analog sine wave, so it can be equipped with network equipment such as servers, routers, or Used in areas with severe power environments.

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