UPC E and UPC A bar code

- Jan 08, 2019-


     UPC barcodes are also used for bar codes of goods, mainly used in the United States and Canada. The UPC bar code is a bar code developed by the United States Uniform Code Committee. Some of China's exports to North America need to apply for UPC barcodes in order to meet the needs of North America. UPC barcodes are also available in standard and shortened versions. The standard version consists of 12 digits. The shortened version consists of 8 digits, which is better than the standard version. One less EAN barcode, the same as shortening the number of digits. Any software that comes with a barcode printer can be played.

     There are several versions of the UPC code. UPC-A and UPC-E are two versions, which are two of the more commonly used.

     UPC-A can represent 12 digits, UPC-E is a shortened version of UPC-A, 8 digits.

     Welcome to contact us, if you need Barcode reader that has the function of UPC E expand UPC A.

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