Types of touch all-in-ones

- Feb 25, 2020-

1. Resistive touch screen

Resistive touch screens are the earliest resistive touch screens. They were used in the early days of smartphones, but with the development of technology, the current use of resistive screens is not as good as before. The strength of the five-wire resistance technology in the resistance screen is that it is relatively sealed to prevent dust and water and dirt, which is different from other resistance screen skills. Its characteristics are suitable for use in station and subway ticketing touch machines, hospital bank queue machines , Industrial automation equipment embedded, office automation, retail automation, car satellite navigation systems, etc.

2.Capacitive touch screen

Capacitive touch screens are products that appeared after resistive touch screens, and now occupy the mainstream market in touch screens. Among capacitive screens, G + G capacitive touch screens have the best performance. The advantages of capacitor skills are fast and highly sensitive touch response, and excellent drag characteristics. The touch all-in-one machine is suitable for a full range of electronic game products. It is already a lead-free product. The touch screen exterior is anti-glare to reduce reflections.

3.Infrared touch screen

The advantages of the touch all-in-one infrared technology are high sensitivity (just touch it), high sealing (protection against dust, water and dirt) and excellent optical quality (high light transmission). It is durable and suitable. It is used in field occasions, extremely harsh occasions, ticket machines, medical equipment, industrial automation, military equipment, sales terminals, transportation and so on.

4.Acoustic pulse wave touch screen

Acoustic pulse wave recognition is a new skill announced in the West Bank of the United States in June 2007. Its strengths are good optical quality (high light transmission), serviceability, stability, and drag characteristics, suitable for use in various environments .

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