Touch Pos terminal's Keyboard

- Apr 10, 2020-


    Does the touch Screen Pos all in one need to come with a separate keyboard?

Someone said it will need, someone said donot neet it,  Acutually, our pos device have software keyboard, but how to set up software? Usually we have already set the soft keyboard when leaving our factory.

 You can try to set up keyboard, if canot find it.

 If it is a WIN7 system, the default position is the middle position on the left.

if Pos terminal doesnot have a soft keyboard, you can call up the soft keyboard again as follows:

   Move the mouse to the blank space of the task bar at the bottom of the touch screen all-in-one display page, right-click, select "Properties" in the window that appears, and then select "Toolbar" in the touch all-in-one display task bar. In the toolbar window, check "Tablet PC Input Panel", and then click Apply-OK. At this time, a soft keyboard icon will appear at the bottom of the desktop. Click this icon to enter.

If it still doesn't work, you can only reinstall the operating system. Under normal circumstances, this can be solved, but I have encountered it before.

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