Touch faliure analysis for pos terminal

- Sep 25, 2017-

Users may meet some issure in use of touch function of touch pos terminal. The following common defects listed one by one. When the touch screen can not work, should first check the power supply of touch controller, also if touch driver is installed and do the calibration.   


1.  touch inaccurately

The fingers touch the device screen but the cursor is not appear at the right postion

Please do calibration procedures: (open the touch screen calibration program)

     1) the first time to install touch driver on the device.

     2) Each time you change the resolution.

     3) Each time you change the frequency of panel.

     4) Each time the cursor does not correspond to the touch point.

    After calibration, the calibrated data is stored in the controller's registers, so there is no need to calibrate the screen each time the system is initiated.


2. Touch screen without response

  [Defective phenomenon]

  touch screen can not work, there is no response of any part of the screen.

  [Defect analysis and disposal]

First check if the wire interface is loose, and then check the usb or serial port and intermittent number is not a conflict, adjust the resources and avoid the conflict. And then check the touch screen surface is not cracks.


Please inspect as follows:

     1) Check the connection of the touch screen,

    2) please delete the touch screen driver and install it again.

    3) If the touch screen has been used for a long time (3-4 years) that some areas of the touch screen can not touch,

4) Please check if the touch screen is broken .


3. Touch reaction takes a long time

    After your fingers touch the screen, it takes a long time to react.


Defect analysis and disposal

    This can be a host of a virus or a system disorder.

     1) first check the host is not a virus, if any, first to kill the virus.

      2) system problems, detection is not possible to adjust, if not, from time to time to load the system.


 4. The touch screen is normal but the computer can not operate

  [Defective phenomenon]

    A touch screen, the test itself all normal, but connected to the host, the computer can not operate.

  [Defect analysis and disposal]


This can be in the host to start loading the touch screen driver before the touch screen control card to receive the operation signal, just turn off the power, and then start the computer can be.


5. Use a period of time after touching no response

  [Defective phenomenon]

    A touch screen, boot after the normal use of a period of time after no response.

Defect analysis and disposal]

      Check in the Windows "monitor energy saving settings" is not set off the hard disk. Click the "Settings" button, set the parameters in addition to the "power program" is "always open", and then click the "Settings" button, select the " "Outside, the other are" never ".


6. Touch screen click accuracy down

  [Defective phenomenon]

    A touch screen, the click precision down, the cursor is difficult to locate.

  [Defect analysis and disposal]

    1) Work touch screen calibration procedure.

    2) If you are new to the touch screen, please try to delete the driver, and then power off the host for 5 seconds boot boot driver.


7. The touch screen can not be calibrated

  [Defect analysis and disposal]

    1) there may be in the host to start loading the touch screen driver before the touch screen control card to receive the operation signal,

Please power off the computer from scratch.

    2) can be touched by the touch screen drive device, please remove the drive from the head device. (Delete from the control panel to delete the program inside the deletion.)


8. The mouse always stays at a point on the touch screen


[Defect analysis and disposal]

    This happens because the resistive screen of the touch area (resistance screen surface is divided into touch area and non-touch area two,

Click on the non-touch area is no reaction) by the flash device shell or cabinet shell to suppress, the equivalent of a point has always been touched.

If it is the cabinet shell to hold the touch

Area You can adjust the distance between the cabinet and the fader screen. If you are in the flash box, press the touch area. You can try to loosen the screws of the flash unit.


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