Three advantages of dual-screen touch all-in-one

- Aug 20, 2020-

1. Contact technology

Support USB interface touch screen, support handwriting input and other functions, and cooperate with other software to complete a series of human-computer interaction functions such as electronic whiteboard and drawing. The contact interactive all-in-one machine can also complete multi-touch, up to 36 points of touch, and support ten fingers to touch indiscriminately.

2. Professional planning

The contact all-in-one machine adopts a large elevation angle of 30°-50°, and the dedicated base of the contact model allows users to adjust the best use point of view as they want. The screen of the contact interactive all-in-one machine is divided into resistive, capacitive, infrared, and optical touch screens, which can achieve precise positioning and no drift in gesture operations.

3. Super standby

Equipped with a high-performance resistive, capacitive, and infrared touch screen with a lifetime of more than 10 million clicks. You don't need to use a mouse or keyboard. You can complete all the operations of the computer by quietly tapping or swiping the screen with your finger. The operation of the computer is even easier. The biggest innovation in contact with computers is that it uses multi-touch technology, which completely changes the way people interact with computers.

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