Thermal paper

- Sep 02, 2020-

Thermal paper is also called carbonless paper.

paper roll

The most commonly used cash register paper in supermarkets is generally thermal paper. 

When printing on thermal paper, there is no need to use it with ribbons, which greatly saves the cost of printing consumables. 

In addition, thermal paper is not resistant to long-term storage, so thermal paper is mostly used in supermarkets or shopping malls. 

Thermal paper is generally sold in the form of rolls, generally 80mm×Φ60mm, 57mm×Φ50mm and other specifications are the most common. The number in the front represents the width of the paper roll, and the latter is the diameter. The general error of the width of 1, 2mm will not affect the use, because Printers generally cannot print on the side, but the diameter of the paper roll has a greater impact on buyers, because the total length of the paper roll is directly related to the cost of the paper. If it shows that the diameter is 60mm, but the actual If it is only 58mm, the length of a roll of paper will be reduced by about 1 meter (the specific reduction depends on the thickness of the paper), but thermal paper rolls sold on the market are generally marked with X0, and the actual diameter is often less than X0. There is also a need to pay attention to the diameter of the tube core in the middle of a roll of paper. Some merchants will also use the tube core to manipulate the tube core. If a larger tube core is used, the length of the paper will be much shorter. A simple method. Buyers can bring a small ruler to measure whether the diameter is consistent with the diameter marked on the packaging box. The diameter of the tube core also needs to be paid attention to, so as to avoid the shortcomings of illegal merchants and the buyers will be deceived.

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