The Working Principle and application of thermal transfer printing

- Oct 10, 2018-



   Thermal Transfer printing is a non-contact printing computer peripheral hard output device. The thermodynamic principle of imaging is to drive a semiconductor electric heating head or laser to transfer heat to the imaging material of the support by a computer signal, so that the image forming material is thermally fused and transferred to the image receiving medium to form characters and images.


   According to the dye transfer method, it can be divided into a molten type and a sublimation type. The thermal transfer technology is simply a special carbon ribbon that is transferred to paper or other types of materials by heating the toner coating on the ribbon through a working principle similar to that of a fax machine. Since the coating material on the ribbon can be selected according to needs, a strong adhesion is generated, and the selection of the printing medium can ensure that the printed writing is not affected by the outside world. And how to heat in the heating process, you can give it to the computer to control. At present, since various softwares for printing labels have been developed, it is very convenient for the user, especially the general label. Barcodes are generated, and the generation of bar code symbols has become an indispensable tool for such software. This technology provides pattern quality and durability that is unmatched by other on-demand printing technologies.


   For example, during computer ticketing system, the role of a thermal transfer label printer is very important. One of the important aspects of computer ticket sales is to print the ticket face; the whole road adopts a unified thermal transfer printer, which has the following advantages compared with other types of printers: strong anti-counterfeiting ability, black and bright ticket face, smooth, clear edges, fast printing speed, The noise is small, the structure is compact and flexible, the operation is simple, and a variety of printing media are used, which is suitable for the computer ticketing system.

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