The viewing angle of Pos Lcd monitor

- Apr 12, 2018-

              The viewing angle of lcd monitor

   It refers to the angle which the user can clearly observe everything on the screen from different directions. The LCD display has a certain directionality, Since the light source refracted and reflected, , the phenomenon of color distortion will occurs when viewed beyond this range, but the CRT display will not have this problem.


     Currently the LCD displays in the market, the viewing angle are all symmetrical, are not necessarily symmetrical. Usually, the upper and lower angles are smaller than the left and right angles. When we say that the viewing angle is 80 degrees left and right, it means that the screen image can still be clearly seen when standing at a position 80 degrees from the normal of the screen (the imaginary line in the middle of the display). The larger the viewing angle, the better the viewing angle, the more applicable the LCD display.


      Since each person's vision is different, we are based on contrast. The greater the contrast measured at the maximum viewing angle will better. At present, most products on the market have a viewing angle of more than 120 degrees, some products have reached more than 170 degrees.

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