The Viewing Angle of Pos LCD Monitor

- Nov 15, 2017-

         The Viewing Angle of Pos LCD Monitor

    It means the user can observe the contents of the screen angle clearly from a different direction. As the display of the LCD display has a certain direction after the light source refraction and reflection when the output , beyond this range , the viewing angle will have a color distortion, but CRT monitor will not have this problem.


     Currently the viewing angle of lcd monitor are symmetrical in the market, but is not  symmetrical up and down. Usually the upper and lower angle is less than the left and right angle. When we say that the viewing angle is about 80 degrees, it means that you can clearly see the screen image when you start at 80 degrees from the normal (that is, the imaginary line in the middle of the monitor). The viewing angle larger ,the LCD dispaly better.


      Because the vision is different for each person, it subject to contrast, The viewing angle is bigger, the contrast will be better. Currently the viewing angle of Pos Touch Screen LCD Monitor is 120 degrees or more, some products reached more than 140 degrees.

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