The Type of Touch Screen Pos Machine

- May 16, 2018-

The Type of Touch Screen Pos Machine

Touch POS is also a type of POS machine. The main difference from other POS machines is the I/O operation.


In the past, POS machine were all operated by input devices such as a keyboard or a mouse. The touch screen POS system can support touch enter. It is to install a touch screen on the surface of lcd display to receive touch signals and other input signals. After the circuit is converted into the corresponding signal, which can well replace the traditional mechanical panel buttons and keyboard and mouse operations.

From the number of touch screen, there is a single-screen touch POS machine & dual scren touch POS machine.


The single-screen touch POS is a common POS with only one screen, but it can also increase the expansion options. For example, magnetic stripe card readers and customer display can be added according to the actual needs.


Dual-screen touch POS machine has two screens, one main screen and one secondary screen. The main screen is to display the main operation interface, and the 2nd screen is used as an advertising display screen or for customers, that is, businesses can display advertisement information of some products on this screen, and they also support dual-screen synchronization and asynchronous. Synchronization means that the data displayed on the two screens is the same, asynchronous is that the display data of the two screens are different, can not interfere with each other.

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