The Type of IC Card

- May 31, 2018-

             The Type of IC Card


The IC card is divided into two types , in terms of its use.

1.Contact IC card: An IC card that must be inserted into the host bay to transmit data through the wired method. This card is easy to wear, afraid of oil. The US TM card is a contact IC card.

 2. Non-contact IC card (radio frequency card): An IC card with no card slot, IC card that doest not need to be in contact with the host, and which can transmit data by wireless means. It is not afraid of oil and wear, because of its overall package, and it has a long service life.  

The IC card is divided into three types from its function:

 (1) Memory card.

 (2) Memory card with encryption logic: A memory card with a COS (Card Operating System). (3) CPU smart card: A memory card that has a CPU (Central Processing Unit).

These three cards are divided into contact and non-contact. A magnetic card is a card with a tape. It is easily damaged under the influence of magnetic field and external force, and can not store the data directly; while the IC card is composed of packaged integrated circuits and is not affected by the magnetic field , and can store data.

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