The Type Of All In POS System

- Apr 26, 2019-

The Type of All in POS System

From the number of touch screens, there are single-screen touch POS all-in-one and dual-screen touch POS all-in-one.

A single-screen touch POS all-in-one is a common POS machine with only one main screen, but it can also add expansion options. For example, a magnetic stripe card reader and a customer display can be added according to actual needs.

The dual-screen touch POS integrated machine has two screens, one main screen and one secondary screen. The main screen is to display the main operation interface, and the secondary screen is used as an advertisement display screen, that is, the merchant can display advertisement information of some commodities on this screen, and has the functions of supporting dual screen synchronization and asynchronous. Synchronization means that the data displayed on the two screens changes consistently, while asynchronous is that the display data of the two screens can not interfere with each other.


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