The Type and Characteristics of Pos Printer Paper

- Apr 24, 2018-

    The Type & Characteristics of Pos printer paper

Did you know that Pos thermal paper is also divided into categories? Today we’d like to tell you that they have 4 kinds of printing paper.


First, thermal paper: This kind of paper is the most commonly used one, that is, it has a black line after a fingernail. All are single-layered, coated with thermal chemical coating on the surface of the paper. The paper is printed on the thermal head to print colored on thermal paper. Its feature is that it does not require printing consumables, no ribbons, ribbons, or ink cartridges, short storage life, usually it can only keep the receipt on 3-6 month. The paper surface is relatively smooth.


Second, Shuangjiao Zhi: All is a single layer, no coating on the paper, printed on the top of the paper via ribbons.


Third, carbon-free paper: This thermal paper consists of two or more layers at least, which the first need to use the dot-matrix printer to print color, but the back of a couple of rely on the needle printer printing pressure color.


Fourth, self-induction paper: This pos thermal paper consists of one or more layers, relying on the dot Matrix printer printingr, it does not need to install the ribbon. The first kind of pos cash register paper is called self-sensing paper, the back ones are ordinary carbonless paper.

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