The Technical Requirements of Touch Display

- Apr 16, 2019-

The touch screen Monitor can touch the screen with the finger to achieve the effect of the control system, and get rid of the limitation that the traditional operation can only be performed by using the keyboard and the mouse.

What technical requirements does the pos touch display contain?


First, the touch function. One of the prerequisites for Pos touch display that is popular among customers is the touch function. By connecting with the computer, it is possible to input text for information query, and with the recognition software, it can also realize the practice of handwriting input, using the pointer or finger touch. You can control the system to run.


Second, pressure sensing technology. The most stable touch screen Pos has an air layer between the damping material on the inner and outer surfaces of the smart board. When pressure is applied to the screen surface, the smart board can recognize the position of the point and complete the whole operation.


Third, the intensity of induction. It reflects the sensitivity of the touch screen. The stronger the induction force, the more sensitive the display will be when the display is connected to the indication.


Fourth, the screen type. The screen types of pos monitors that are popular with customers can be divided into several types, including flat, spherical, cylindrical and liquid crystal. Different screen types have different differences in touch operation.


Fifth, the light transmittance. The most professional touch screen of Pos all in one usually uses a multi-layer composite film. The difference in light transmittance directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. The difference in transparency, color distortion, light reflection and definition will directly affect the display. Operational feeling.

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