The storage time of Thermal label & Thermal transfer Label

- May 29, 2019-

The unstable writing on fax or printing on thermal paper will naturally fade. The reason is that the color reaction of thermal paper is reversible, and the colored products will decompose to different degrees, and the color of the writing will fade slowly and become lighter. Until the natural fades until the writing disappears completely into the white paper. Therefore, the long time of the storage, the long illumination time, the long heating time and the high ambient temperature, the environment is humid, the contact with the adhesive paper and other external conditions, the decomposition of the color product is accelerated, and the fading of the image is accelerated. Of course, the speed of fading is also related to the formulation of the thermal layer's own thermal layer.


Barcode printers generally have two printing methods.

Bar code labels printed by Direct thermal printing generally have a short storage time. Under high temperature or normal temperature environment, the printed content will turn yellow after a period of time, or even disappear, and the thermal printing will damage the print head. However, the advantage of thermal printing is that it does not require a ribbon. It is easy to install and print to save printer space, and the writing is easy to punch out without wrinkles.

Thermal transfer printing method, that is, printing with a ribbon, saves the content for a longer period of time, especially when printing with a mixed-base or resin-based carbon ribbon, and using a special carbon ribbon to resist harsh environments such as high temperature and low temperature of compounds. In addition, a ribbon-protected printhead can effectively extend the life of the printhead.

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