The SSD Advantage for pos cash registers

- Feb 20, 2019-


  Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of SSD and HDD. Like both sides of everything else, SSDs and HDDs have their own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of SSDs today is cost and capacity, and the biggest advantage is performance. In addition, SSDs require less power to perform the same operation, which means the notebook can extend battery life and the data center can save a lot of money. SSDs are also more suitable for mobile devices than HDDs due to their greater resistance to shock. If capacity requirements are not high, SSDs can even be cheaper than traditional hard drives.

  2. Comparison of SSD and Traditional Hard Disk Power In general, when SSD and HDD work at the same high load or are in sleep state, the power consumption is similar. However, SSDs still have some advantages in power consumption. The first SSD does not have a rotating motor inside, so the power consumption in the idle state is significantly lower. Second, since there is no startup time for the speed increase or decrease, the SSD enters the sleep state or wakes up from the sleep state for a shorter time and more frequently. Finally, the SSD can do the same job in less time, so it goes to sleep earlier. These advantages make SSDs actually save power compared to traditional hard drives in actual use.

  3. Is there a different level of flash memory, why is the U disk much cheaper than the equivalent capacity SSD? Indeed, flash memory has different qualities, corresponding to different costs, just like a CPU. U disk generally uses lower-grade flash memory. If you use U disk as hard disk, I think you can feel the performance difference right away. In addition, in terms of reliability, the difference between good and bad flash memory is also obvious, high-quality flash memory chips have much lower error probability throughout the life cycle. Although we can use cheap flash memory to make cheap mobile hard drives, but the reason why there is no good cheap, I think everyone understands.

  4. Will performance degrade when the SSD is full? For SSDs, performance has nothing to do with how much data is stored. Whether it's empty or close to full, the wear leveling management algorithm for flash will work as usual.

  5. How does the external environment affect the life of the SSD? Solid-state drives are more resistant to shock and vibration than traditional hard drives due to the lack of moving parts. In addition, since magnetic storage media are not used, there is no danger of data loss due to magnetization. Therefore, if a notebook manufacturer uses a solid state drive, it can save a lot of hard disk shock protection accessories, further saving space and weight inside the fuselage.

What is the service life of 6 SSDs? First, flash is a mature technology that has undergone long-term practical testing. Although flash granules have a certain read and write life, their current technology is far longer than the actual life.

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