The solution of Auto restart for Pos Systems

- Mar 30, 2018-

The solution of Auto restart for Pos Systems


1. Software incompatibility

The pos systems restart automatically If it caused by software or driver incompatibility, It will be need further investigation. It is necessary to have a certain basic knowledge of the computer, Thus can carry out this troubleshooting work, and it is necessary for the cashier to recall that the cash register system was recently done., which changes have been made and what software or drivers have recently been added.


2. Hardware issues

Of course,it maybe be hardware problem , to let pos device to automatically restart. In this case, professional technicians can detect the problem..


3. Trojan horse virus

Trojan horse viruses can cause many strange odd faults to occur in smart cash registers. Automatic reopening of smart cash registers for no reason is not an exception. For this issue, Julong Communications Xiaobian recommends using anti-virus software to kill and remove Trojan viruses.


When Pos terminal be black screen ,how to do?


A. Is the data line broken or deformed?

B. Whether the power line and data line of Pos systems are connected properly or not; It  can be displayed normally after changing to another computer

C. Whether there is no electricity supply. Check the power interface and power line power, check the main box power supply interface and power cord is loose or not, the monitor is open or close, if the interface and power cord are damaged and broken should be promptly replaced; confirm whether the power fan is Exhaust air.

D. If you are on working, pos appears intermittent black screen, which is the effect of voltage instability, the voltage will return to normal when stable.

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