The Scan Face payment system

- Oct 17, 2018-

The "Scan Face" payment system is a payment platform based on the face recognition system. It was first launched in July 2013 by the Finnish startup Uniqul. The system does not require a wallet, credit card or mobile phone. When paying, it only needs to face the camera on the POS machine screen. The system will automatically associate the consumer's face information with the personal account, and the whole transaction process is very convenient.

With the development of technology, the facial recognition system will be installed in the ATM in the future; the US Dibold Group is developing a third-party transfer platform based on facial recognition system.


Step 1: At the checkout, the consumer only needs to face the camera on the POS machine screen at the checkout counter, the system automatically takes photos, scans the consumer's face, and then compares the image with the stored information in the database.


Step 2: The consumer's facial information is simultaneously associated with the payment system. After the consumer's identity information is displayed, he/she only needs to click "OK" on the touch screen to confirm, and all the transaction process is completed.


A Uniqul spokesperson said that the "scan face" payment system is designed to improve transaction security and speed. Its safety factor is called "military level" and even accurately distinguishes the twins. "When you get close to the cashier, in the background, our algorithm analyzes your biological genetic data and finds your account in the database," he said.

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