The role of barcode scanners in production companies

- May 07, 2018-

The role of barcode scanners in production companies


With the wide application of barcodes, especially in the production management of enterprises, the use of barcodes has led to the use of various types of barcode scanners. Today we share the role and advantages of scanners in the management of manufacturing companies.


  Bar code production management is the basis of product barcode application, it establishes product identification code. In production, product identification codes are used to monitor production, collect production test data, collect production quality inspection data, conduct product completion inspections, and establish product identification codes and product files. Arrange production plans in an orderly manner, monitor production and flow direction, and improve product pass rates.


(1) Develop product identification code format. According to the enterprise rules and industry rules to determine the product ID code encoding rules to ensure product regularization, unique identification.


(2) Create product files: Track product production on the production line through product identification bar codes, and collect production product parts, inspections and other data as product information, and establish product files after the production batch plan is reviewed.


(3) Control the production information through the information collection points on the production line.


(4) Collect product quality inspection data on the production line through the product identification code barcode, and determine whether the product is qualified according to the product quality standard, so as to control the flow of the product on the production line and whether to establish a product file. Print the certificate.

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