The revolution of ordering with a tablet

- Dec 26, 2019-

The early a la carte treasure system greatly increased the technological content of the catering industry, but this technological experience was not well communicated to customers. Handheld a la carte treasures often made customers feel that the waiters were "bright and powerful." With the widespread popularization of electronics, people have generally developed a "high point of science and technology" resistance. Generally, people tend to have resistance or inferiority when they use other electronic devices that they do not understand. This is obviously not conducive to improvement. Customer dining experience.

After the emergence of the tablet computer, it naturally evolved to order with the tablet computer, which not only greatly improved the dining experience of the customers, but also made the customers feel the high-end atmosphere of restaurants in the early days of the tablet computer. This kind of tablet ordering is often installed on the tablet computer, the customer orders the tablet computer to the waiter after ordering, and the tablet computer plays a de-paper role. But there is still no real-time transfer of data to the back-cooking function, especially the disadvantages of tedious data updating.

Soon the order of wifi-based LAN tablets appeared, and customers' orders could be transmitted to the counter and kitchen in real time, and managers could see the business statistics of the day in real time. Inventory and dishes can be dynamically modified and mastered, and the order data of the tablet can be seamlessly integrated into the original electronic accounting system. The multimedia display function of the tablet computer allows customers to more intuitively see the color of the dishes and the cooking process. This is a significant improvement over previous ordering systems.

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