The restaurant cash register system mainly has the following 10 functions.

- Jun 19, 2019-

1. Improve efficiency: The menu is immediately transmitted to the kitchen and checkout counter via a high-speed network;

2, monitoring status: restaurant status visualization - each table of various states are reflected on the screen;

3, to avoid mistakes: the billing computer automatically settles, no manual calculations can be avoided;

4, automatic statistics: you can view the sales statistics on the current day, the current month, or any time.

5. Inventory management: The system also manages the restaurant inventory;

6. Streamlined staff: Due to increased efficiency, employment service personnel can be reduced;

7, improve the quality: service personnel do not have to leave the table, can be on call, improve the quality of service;

8, improve the grade: the use of the ordering system has also improved the restaurant grade, can attract more customers;

9. Refusing to cheat: refusing to run orders, missing orders and other omissions and individual cheating from the source;

10, evidence-based: from the beginning of the order, all the links are under the control of the computer, you can avoid the situation of the wrong or leaked dishes, everything is well documented.

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