The relationship between LED display price and quality

- Jul 05, 2019-

First of all, maybe you make a mistake in defining the "quality" of LED displays. Quality can be understood as quality plus brand. Products with good quality and certain brand awareness (brand added value) can be called true good quality. Quality = quality + brand, this is the definition of the era of consumption upgrade market economy. If you are holding an unknown brand or even a cottage brand, why do you come up with the added value of the brand, and why does the manufacturer talk about the product quality with the customer? Therefore, in the eyes of end-market customers, quality has a threshold. When your product does not reach this threshold, they naturally talk to you about the price, and the price is getting lower and lower.

Secondly, it may have confused the meaning of "value for money." LED display dealers, especially in the third- and fourth-tier cities, and even in small towns, when shopkeepers communicate with customers, it is easy to enter a misunderstanding that was mentioned at the beginning: that customers always talk about prices with high-end products. The reason for talking about quality with low-end products is that merchants always like one-sided thinking that customers are value for money and cost-effective. In fact, it is not that simple. Under the continuous improvement of technology, new products in the market are emerging one after another, which allows users to have more options. At the same time, customers are more likely to shop around than three or even more, and the requirements for products will be higher. On the other hand, with the specialization of terminal market segmentation and the further release of customer's personalized demand for products, more and more end customers hope that their needs will be paid attention by upstream manufacturers, and they will be solved, whether it is products or This is true for services.

Finally, build a sense of quality with the customer. Birds of a feather flock together. In the age of information integration, every character and every hobby can become a small community. Therefore, dealers have to give up the means of "pushing", but to "pull." We must operate ourselves as a small micro-platform and community platform, and “pull” consumers with more similar values and interests, and bring them together to emphasize the same values, the same experience, and the same sense of acquisition. Influencing them through brand culture and value penetration.

In short, "high quality and low price" is a legend. Be aware that in the sales process, only the price is generally a one-time sale, while the quality and service are long-term partners.

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