The reason why blank paper or paper skip occurs when the barcode printer is printing

- May 31, 2018-

The reason why blank paper or paper skip occurs when the barcode printer is printing


The reason why the blank paper or paper skip occurs during printing was indicated that the printer paper detector failed to properly detect the label paper.


First, check the printer ribbon and label paper installation:

At first, make sure the printer's ribbon and label are in line with each other: Does this type of ribbon support printing this kind of label? Can it be used on this type of printer? If there is no problem with the printer installation, do a paper test on the printer to see if the paper can be fed normally and whether there is content on the paper. If there is no content on the paper, continue the test below.


Second, the paper sensor position is incorrect:

After lifting the print head, you will see a paper detector at the point where the paper passes through. The detector needs to be covered by the paper so that the printer can know the paper size correctly.


Third, the label settings and actual size are inconsistent:

In the "Page" tab of the "Page Setup" tab editor software, the "Height" setting does not match the actual label height. Before you print, use a ruler to measure the actual height of the label before setting the label correctly.


Fourth, the bar code printer paper sensor is dirty:

Please clean the paper sensor with absolute alcohol.

Note: To clean the sensor, please turn off the printer at first.


Fifth, the label paper gap is not standardized:

When some label papers are processed, due to the reasons of the machine or the mold, the sizes or intervals of the labels produced are inconsistent. As a result, the printer cannot sense the size of the label paper, and thus a continuous blank paper appears.


Sixth, the media type is set incorrectly:

The correct type of media is not selected in the drive. For example, if there is a gap between the tabs, you need to select Label with Spacing; For the holed tab, you need to select “Marked Tab”; For the continuous media type, select “Continuous”, etc. .


Seventh, the label base paper is too thick or the label paper is irregular:

If the label paper is a thick type, and the backing paper is very thick, or some electronic labels are very irregular,  then the printer will not be able to sense the size of the paper. This may also lead to blank paper or paper skipping.

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