The Purchase Points of Touch screen pos machine

- Dec 04, 2018-

How to choose to a suitable Pos machine?

1, The shell material of the machine

There are plastic, alloyed, aluminum, and sheet metal, which is the best shell material. The material of the Alumnium design has a good heat dissipation, slim design, metal material also has outstanding outstanding performance.

2, the type of LCD screen

Especially for large-size touch screen pos all-in-one, we must pay attention to the type of LCD screen, industrial-grade LED hard screen. This type of LCD screen has the best effect in the application of touch screen equipment, ensuring no dead spots and no bright spots. On the basis of strengthening the heat dissipation, the LCD screen work and run more stable, there are many touch screen pos machine on the market, the quality of the LCD screen is not uniform, and some shoddy. LCD type should pay attention to, it is best to industrial-grade LED hard screen.

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3, choose which touch screen is best used

The choice of touch screen type is directly related to the experience of the touch screen pos integrated machine. Currently, the common touch screen technology in the market is generally divided into resistance touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, optical acoustic wave touch screen and the like. Among them, capacitive touch screens are generally used for small-sized touch devices, such as mobile phones and small tablets, while resistive touch touch screens are used for slightly larger touch-sized displays. The common limitation of these two touch screens is that they cannot be applied to large 32-inch or larger. Size touch screen device, 32-inch touch screen pos machine is best to use infrared touch screen, infrared touch screen excellent performance in touch sensitivity and fluency, touch response uniform and no dead angle, is the best touch screen choice in interactive experience and handwriting display.

4, the host configuration needs brand guarantee, but not the higher the configuration the better

The touch screen pos integrated machine host configuration is the basis for ensuring the computer function. The composition and working principle are the same as those of the general computer. It is mainly the motherboard, CPU, memory and hard disk. When selecting the host configuration, pay attention to whether the accessory is a brand product. For specific configuration parameters, you can refer to the daily utility needs, select the appropriate host configuration, and avoid blindly pursuing high configuration.

1, elegant appearance

Adopting the European style of touch integration, and supporting the design of the rotating shaft, the visual angle can be adjusted at will. The general POS machine is fixed, and the touch POS machine can adjust the angle of the screen arbitrarily;

2, easy to maintain

The traditional POS connection is more complicated and difficult to disassemble. This touch POS machine adopts modular design to facilitate disassembly and installation, and the line can be well hidden.

3, super expansion

The touch POS integrated machine has flexible configuration and rich interfaces. It has various ports such as VGA, COM, USB, LTP, etc. It has strong expansion and compatibility to meet various needs.

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