CPU fan sound is very loud and noisy-how to solve it

- Jun 21, 2019-

Many friends have reacted to their own computer CPU fan. The sound is very loud and noisy, but  don't know how to solve it. Today, let's sort out some knowledge about CPU fans and give reasons for solving the problem of CPU fan sound.

1.cpu fan quality is low

If you are a gamer, the CPU usage is high when you play games or run larger programs. If the speed of the hard disk is low and the memory is small, then when processing a large amount of game data, the working pressure of the CPU will be greatly increased, so the fan of each component will work harder, and if the fan quality is slightly worse, noise will be generated. That's why CPU usage is 100% when playing games or running larger programs. It is recommended to replace high quality fans.

Reminder: Many computer motherboards have opened the intelligent temperature control. A lot of calculations in the CPU cause the high temperature fan to increase the speed, so the fan will make a big noise when your cpu reaches 100.

2.cpu fan is not fixed firmly

Check whether the fan and the CPU are fixed firmly (it is still so loud when you press the fan by hand). If it is loose, it is generally that the spring is not flexible enough to cause resonance when the fan rotates. Just use the tool to fix the fan and the CPU. .

3.cpu fan takes longer to use

The fan of the sliding bearing has been used for a long time, and the lubricating oil inside is dry. We can add some oil to the fan. First remove the fan, uncover the sealing paper on the back, and have a small round plastic cover inside, pick it up with sharp things, be careful not to break it. Stick it back later.

Remove the CPU fan. Turn it over

Then drop a few drops of lubricant (such as sewing machine oil) into it, and then cover it.

If it is a fan that has been stopped for a long time, then it will take a while after the oil is added, and the "moisturizing" is almost used again.

Be sure to tighten the screws when replacing the fan with the heat sink. Otherwise it may cause vibration.

Wait until the glue is dry, try it on, is it very quiet? It must be!

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