The principle Feature of VFD Display

- Jun 20, 2019-

   The technical principle of VFD: Ordinary VFD is a triode-structured electron tube. In at least one direction, a transparent vacuum vessel can be seen, with a filament (direct thermal oxide cathode), a grid (grid) and an anode (coated). A basic electrode such as a conductor having a phosphor for displaying a pattern, and various metal parts, and a film layer formed by a thick film or a thin film technique.


    VFD structure diagram: The filament is coated with bismuth (Ba), strontium (Sr), calcium (Ca) oxide (ternary carbonate) without hindering the display of extremely fine tungsten filaments. The tension is installed between the filament holder (fixed end) and the spring holder (movable end), and a predetermined filament voltage is applied to both ends to make the cathode temperature reach about 6000 C to radiate hot electrons. The grid is also a metal grid (MESH) which is formed by photoetching (PETOTO-ETHING) of a thin plate such as stainless steel without hindering the display. A positive voltage is applied thereto to accelerate and diffuse from the filament. The emitted electrons are directed to the anode; conversely, if a negative voltage is applied, the electrons that swim toward the anode can be blocked and the anode can be extinguished. The anode means that a phosphor such as graphite is formed on a conductor such as graphite which forms a substantially display pattern, and a positive voltage is applied thereto, and then a positive voltage is applied thereto, which is accelerated by the action of the gate electrode, and the diffused electrons are mutually excited to be excited. Phosphor to make it glow.


The features of VFD display:

 Self-illuminating, clear display

 Easy to achieve multi-color display

 Large degree of freedom in graphic design

 Low operating voltage

 High reliability (good environmental adaptability)

The application field:

    Because it can do multi-color display, high brightness, and can be driven by low voltage, easy to integrate with integrated circuits, so it is widely used in the following fields:

 Automotive VFD panel

 Home appliance VFD panel

 Audio, VTR VFD panel

 Transaction machine VFD panel

measuring instruments

communication equipment

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