The precautions and composition of POS system

- Jun 10, 2019-


The POS cash register consists of six components: chassis + keyboard + customer display + printer + display + cash drawer, if it is an all-in-one, there is no chassis and a separate display, the one machine is on the same side as the display, and the general cash register The machine is based on the touch screen.


1. Select a flat, vibration-free countertop to place the cash register.

2. The location of the cash register should be chosen to avoid direct sunlight, low temperature changes, and where there is less water and less dust.

3. Please keep the cash register away from strong electromagnetic fields.

All in one POS system

4. In areas or stores where the quality of the power grid is poor, a regulated power supply should be provided to separately supply the cash register.

5. Please note that the same power supply voltage as indicated on the nameplate on the rear of the cabinet is used, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged or will not work. The cash register should not share a socket with other high-powered frequently activated appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. The power outlet should also be located close to the cash register and easy to insert, so that the power can be cut off quickly in an emergency.

6. Make sure the cash register is not in contact with any liquid. If this happens, immediately unplug the power cord and immediately notify the company's authorized agent or dealer.

7. Do not violently shake, or force the cash register.

8. Avoid using the cash register in an environment that is too high or too low to prevent the cash register from being exposed to strong sunlight or high humidity.

9. Do not plug or unplug the cash registers and peripherals of the cash register while the battery is live.

10. When cleaning the cash register, do not wipe the body with a damp rag or chemical. Such as: gasoline, thinner, etc.

11. When the cash register fails, immediately turn off the power and stop using it. Do not disassemble or repair it yourself. You should contact the Longfei Cash Register agent in time.

12. Improper battery replacement will be cause an explosion hazard. Only use similar or equivalent type replacements recommended by the manufacturer. Always dispose of used batteries in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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