The Perfect Combination of Tablet Computer and Unmanned Storage Cabinet

- Apr 25, 2019-

This is a fast food city with endless overtime and endless meals. Time feeling is everything to us. Every day we feel that time is not enough. I don't know if you feel the same. In this era of e-commerce, I believe that people are used to moving their fingers on their mobile phones when they buy things, and the next day things come to their homes. Next, we will discuss with you the convenience of the storage cabinet in the era of intelligence.

1. Intelligent Storage Cabinet, also known as Intelligent Delivery Box, is a self-service device based on the Internet of Things, which can identify, temporarily store, monitor and manage express. Jiaweishi's industrial tablet computer and intelligent cabinet together constitute an intelligent cabinet system. The industrial tablet computer can manage the various storage cabinets of the system in a unified way, and integrate all kinds of information to make our storage orderly.

2. Intelligent storage cabinet is based on embedded technology. It collects data through various sensors such as RFID and camera, and then transmits the collected data to the controller for processing. After processing, it realizes the operation of the whole terminal through various sensors, including GSM short message reminder, RFID identification, camera monitoring and so on. The price information collected by the intelligent storage cabinet can be sorted out by industrial tablet computer, and the data can be updated on the network in real time. The data can be accessed at any time by the users and saved the waiting time.

3. Industrial tablet computer systems will be sent to customers in the form of short messages, two-dimensional codes, micro-letters and so on. Customers can interact with the control system to verify and obtain items. Safe and reliable, and greatly enhance the convenience of large shopping malls and customers, improve efficiency, protect the privacy of customers and home security. Let you travel carefree, intelligent experience of life.

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