The Operating System of Tablet

- Oct 26, 2018-


   For current tablets, the most common operating systems are Windows, Android and iOS, as well as Windows CE, and Meego and Moblin as Intel's mobile and MID markets. The main product, in the future, is likely to appear on the tablet platform, there is also WebOS called the inevitable product of cloud computing, and then we will explain in detail.




   The latest Windows 7 has multiple versions including Basic, Home, and Ultimate, all based on the X86 architecture. He has evolved from a simple graphical user interface to a file format and driver. The operating system has actually become the most user and the most accepted operating system. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of all aspects of the Windows 7 operating system? Let's analyze it carefully.


  Windows 8.1 has restored the familiar "Start" button, which is a clear windows logo. Click this button to switch between the Modern UI start screen and the traditional desktop. Win8.1 Update also puts the shutdown button back in the upper right corner of the start interface.


  Windows 10 has added the Multiple Desktops feature. This feature allows users to use multiple desktop environments under the same operating system, that is, users can switch between different desktop environments according to their own needs.




    Simply speaking, the Android system is actually a very open system. It not only realizes the functions of the most commonly used laptops, but also implements various specific directional operations like mobile phones, and it is specifically for mobile. The operating system developed by the device has advantages in system resource consumption and human-computer interaction design. It is an operating system that takes the advantages of both traditional and advanced.


   Android also has obvious flaws. Although Google cooperates with more than 30 leading companies in technology and wireless applications, and hopes to form an open ecosystem in the mobile industry, it is undeniable that Andriod's existing software applications There are still serious shortages of resources, killer applications are few and far between, and for users who are used to the traditional Windows operating system, it is a long process to get started. So we can see the development trend of portable devices in the future from the current Android, but the time is still unknown.




   iOS is an operating system developed by Apple for its products. As the iPad goes on the market, it is also considered the best operating system for tablets.


   iOS is an operating system that truly promotes the concept of touch operation. Users use multi-touch to directly operate on the interface, and the control methods include sliding, tactile switches and buttons, etc. The interaction with the system includes sliding, tapping, and squeezing. Pressure and rotation, etc. Although it does a good job, in fact, the most praised IOS is not multi-touch, but its smooth human-computer interaction feeling, and Apple's growing resource library, Apple's huge resource library, actually It is the approved third-party application provided by the App Store, and some third-party applications supported by the Safari browser, namely the web application. In addition, there are actually some illegal third-party software that can be run on this system. In addition to applications, various resources such as e-books, music, movies and television have become Apple's housekeeping products, and have achieved worldwide success.




   MeeGo is Nokia and Intel announced the launch of a free mobile operating system. This Linux-based platform combines Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin platform to run on a variety of electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers and TVs. For seamless integration of these devices, we can see it as a powerful new force in the future of tablet operating systems.


Windows CE


   Microsoft Windows CE is designed as a general-purpose operating system for small devices, simply a diskless system with limited memory. Unlike other Windows operating systems, Windows CE does not represent a standard, identical software for all platforms. .



   WebOS can be simply called a network operating system. It is a browser-based virtual operating system. Users can use the web-based online application operations on the WebOS to implement various operations on the PC operating system. , including document storage, editing, media playback, etc.


   It can be said that WebOS is a model of "cloud computing" that can be operated from the network anytime and anywhere, regardless of the local operating system.

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