The operating Environment knowledge of Pos Terminal Machine

- Sep 30, 2019-


    The ideal operating temperature of Pos terminal should be 10-35 degrees Celsius. The temperature is too high or too low will affect the life of the accessories. The damage to Pos device caused by high temperature is mainly caused by temperature-sensitive accessories such as CPU, monitor and motherboard. For example, CPU, the maximum operating temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. If the CPU works at an extremely high temperature for a long time, it will not only shorten the service life, but may even burn it. Therefore, cooling the CPU is a big deal. In addition, it is best to install the temperature alarm software. When using the computer in the summer, pay attention to indoor ventilation and cooling. 

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     Ambient Humidity For Pos touch screen, the relative humidity is 30%-80%. If the temperature is too high, it will not only affect the performance of the computer, but even dangerous situations such as short circuit caused by moisture, which will seriously burn the computer. Also, don't use your computer with wet hands or use a cloth dampened with water (especially where the computer is connected).            Conversely, too dry is not good, because it is easy to generate static electricity, which is also harmful to the computer. 

    Environmental dust Since the computer case is not completely sealed, and the static electricity generated during the operation of the computer has the effect of vacuuming, the computer is most susceptible to dust. When dust is attached to the surface of the integrated circuit board, it may cause poor heat dissipation, which may cause short circuit of the motherboard circuit. For the display, small dust may cause high voltage inside the display to ignite and burn out. In addition, most accessories like keyboards, mice, power fans, etc. are afraid of dust. 

   Vibration and impact , Point of sale is also an electrical appliance after all, of course, afraid of severe vibration or impact. Among the computer accessories, the most fearful of vibration is the hard disk. Of course, the display screen must not be "crash"! The working principle of hard disk, optical drive and floppy drive is very similar. The magnetic disk (laser head) is used to read the rotating disk, so if there is severe vibration or impact, the working head (laser head) may be made. When it hits the surface of the disk, it scratches the disk and damages the magnetic head (laser head), and the entire hard disk is completely destroyed. Of course, the loss of data accessed on the disc is even more serious. 

  Static electricity Static electricity has always been the deadly killer of precision circuit boards. In computer accessories, the most concentrated circuit board is of course the circuit board. Due to the accumulated nature of static electricity, when accumulating to a certain Chengdu, there will be an instantaneous local high-voltage discharge, which is enough energy to burn the "squeaky" circuit board and the BIOS on the motherboard. The easiest way to solve static electricity is to discharge the computer frequently. 

    The metal object touches it and touches it. Knowledge of the power supply environment of Pos equipment.

   (1) As a computer product, the cash register has certain requirements for the external power supply. First, the power supply must have good grounding, and the grounding resistance is less than 1 Ω. If the power supply is not grounded or the grounding is poor, it may cause the chassis to be charged, which may pose a safety hazard to the operator and affect the stable operation of the cash register.      (2) The grid voltage is 220V/50HZ AC. The allowable fluctuation range of the grid voltage is ±10% of the rated value. Before the equipment is powered on, please check whether the power supply meets the voltage requirements of this product. Only when confirming that the external power supply is normal, You can power on the device. In order to avoid sudden interruption of power supply, fluctuations in grid voltage, and transient spikes, a suitable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) should be selected as needed. However, the protection ground of the UPS power supply should be connected. 

   (3) When turning on the power, first turn on the power switch of the external device, then turn on the power of the host. When shutting down, you should first turn off the power of the host and then turn off the power of the external device. (4) In order to reduce the interference of the power supply on the data signal, the power cable and the data cable (display, network cable, printer data cable, serial communication cable) should be kept at a distance of more than 100 MM at the time of installation, and the power cable and data cable must not be allowed. Wrapped together.

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