The Openitng Principle for Cash drawer Box

- Jan 30, 2019-

   The principle of opening the cash drawer box is very simple. The Pos terminal sends a 12V (some money box is 24V) pulse signal to the cash box, then it is opened. The cash drawer box has different dimension, and its interface also can be different. Some are similar to telephone line connectors. Some have only two wires, some are USB port. The installation and connection methods are also different. 

The money box generally has three installation methods:

 The first type: If there is a pos thermal receipt printer, the interface will have a rj11 port,  Connect the RJ11 connector of the cash drawer to thermal ticket printer. 

 The second type: without printer, it will need to buy a cash box driver card, the card has a floppy disk, the floppy disk has the execution command EXE file (such as OPEN.COM file) to open the cash drawer, only need Connect it to the cash box card (the interface is similar to the COM port, some are similar to the LPT port, some are the R11 interface, some directly connect the two lines), and then call the command in the pos software program, the the card sends a current pulse, it can be opened.

 The third type: on some industrial computer motherboards or some brands of pos, it will have a COM port to provide 12V current, then directly connect drawer box to pos units,  just send a signal to the COM port, but this signal has a password, which can be set according to the customer's needs.

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