The OLED panel

- Oct 25, 2018-

OLED panel

The OLED panel is very different from the LCD panel. Compared with the OLED panel, the structure of the OLED panel is simpler. OLED panel is called organic light emitting diode. That is to say, the luminous material of OLED panel is organic material. Compared with inorganic material, the organic material has a natural short plate in the life. OLED display technology has the characteristics of self-luminescence, using a very thin organic material coating and glass substrate, when there is a current passing through these organic materials will luminous, and OLED display screen visual angle is large, and can save electricity. Because of its self-luminescent properties, OLED behaves more purely in black, because the material shows black as long as it does not luminescent, and at the same time, wide viewing angle, high contrast, low power consumption, high reaction rate are characteristics of OLED panels.

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