The monitor lights up for 2 seconds and the screen is black.

- Jul 02, 2019-

1. The display shows a black screen after a few seconds, and the display power is turned back on. The fault phenomenon remains the same, indicating that the fault is on the display itself. The specific parts are:

1. The high voltage board is faulty;

2, the lamp failure, such as a lamp burned, wiring desoldering;

3. The AD drive board is faulty;

Second, the fault location can be roughly judged from the interval of the black screen, namely:

1, 1 to 2 seconds black screen, still 1 to 2 seconds after restart, usually the backlight circuit failure, that is, the second item;

2, after 2 seconds, the advantage can reach 5 to 10 seconds, usually the high voltage board failure; less than 5 seconds, usually the high voltage transformer short circuit between the turns, at this time you can hear the "吱吱" ringing tone; More than 10 seconds, and the longer the shutdown time (restart), the longer the screen display time, then the power component on the high voltage board has a "ablative" solder joint, re-weld it.

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