The higher the bar code scanner dpi, the better?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Not a scanner can scan any barcode

But high-precision barcode scanners are backward compatible.

Sweep some low-precision barcodes.

But it is not the scan accuracy, the higher the dpi, the better.

Because sometimes the accuracy is too high

If you scan a bar code with a larger size, there may be misreading.

a commodity barcode that is common in everyday life,

Generally, a 5Mil precision scanner can be used.

Common barcode scanners on the market

Accuracy is generally common with 3Mil, 4Mil and 5Mil

The resolution of 5 mil is approximately equal to 0.13 mm

The resolution of 3mil is approximately equal to 0.08mm

Generally speaking,

The scanning spot is about 0.8 times the minimum width of the strip, which is suitable.

In general, the bar code of the product is in the case of a magnification factor of 0.8.

The minimum strip size is 0.26 mm.

3Mil is more accurate than 4Mil and 5Mil,

The higher the dpi scan accuracy,

The more expensive the corresponding barcode scanner is,

When purchasing a barcode scanner, the scanning accuracy is suitable.

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