The functions of POS software

- Mar 14, 2019-

Fast query, rich reports, support for a variety of peripherals

1. Provide common and practical analysis reports, such as sales ranking, customer order analysis, inventory analysis, scientific data analysis to provide you with the basis for decision-making; the system also provides flexible custom reports, direct SQL queries and plug-in special for advanced customers. Formatted report file.

2, flexible, convenient and fast universal finder, can freely combine various query conditions to query.

3, support a variety of peripherals: bar code electronic scale, barcode scanner, data printer, Gu Xian, cash box, membership card, barcode printer.

Fourth, powerful member management functions

1. Support various preferential methods such as member price sales, member discount sales, member category sales, etc.

2, support member points, member stored value, points reduction, member points redemption, member points dump value and other functions

3. Support the member's birthday reminder, member birthday, and holiday to automatically send SMS messages.

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