The Features of Windows Embedded PosReady 7

- Jun 19, 2018-

       The Features of Windows Embedded PosReady 7


Windows Embedded POSReady 7 is an operating system optimized for point-of-service (POS) solutions that completely frees Windows 7 to deliver an engaging and compelling customer experience. The platform simplifies management and deployment. It not only tracks inventory, but also further provides comprehensive access to information to help retailers meet today's challenges and prepare for tomorrow's opportunities.

The Features of Windows Embedded POSReady 7: 

1, support Windows Touch gestures touch interface, provide more intuitive and accurate operation, speed up the processing speed.

2. IE8 protection mode and anti-phishing filter enhance the security when connecting to the network.

3. Windows Media Player 12 will provide a smoother multimedia experience for POS devices.

4, AppLocker, this is a simple and flexible mechanism, the administrator can specifically specify those applications, let them run on the POS device.

5, BitLocker, the encryption system for internal hard drives, local folders, external drives and hard drives provide a more powerful protection, help IT management personnel to manage confidential data, to prevent unauthorized users or external attackers to steal.

6. With Windows Embedded POSReady 7, retailers can remove feature packs and reduce the likelihood of attack at point of sale devices, helping retailers maintain industry compliance.

7. Based on Windows Embedded PosReady 7, retailers can provide a smoother and differentiated personal shopping experience, thus enabling customer service to take a higher level. By deeply integrating industry equipment with the retail enterprise's IT infrastructure, retail companies can provide faster services through point-of-service (POS) systems, targeted sales and information on self-service terminals or digital signage, and retail. Corporate customers will benefit from this.


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