The features of Tablet

- Nov 02, 2018-


   The tablet has a distinctive look in appearance. Some are like a single LCD screen, just thicker than the average display, with the necessary hardware such as a hard disk.

Portable mobile, which is small and light like a laptop, can be used to transfer its use at any time, with more flexibility than desktop.

   The biggest features of the tablet are digital ink and handwriting recognition input, as well as powerful pen input recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition, and mobility.

The unique Table PC Windows XP operating system not only has the functions of ordinary Windows XP, but ordinary XP-compatible applications can run on the tablet, adding handwriting input and expanding the functions of XP.

   Extend the way you use your PC, use a dedicated "pen" and operate it on your computer to make it as easy as paper and pen. It also supports keyboard and mouse, and operates like a normal computer.

Digital notes, like a PDA, a handheld computer, do ordinary notebooks, keep notes, create your own text, graphics and pictures. At the same time, integrated electronic "ink" uses ink in core Office XP applications to keep your own handwriting in Office documents.

   Convenient for deployment and management, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition includes advanced deployment and policy features in Windows XP Professional that greatly simplify the deployment and management of Tablet PCs in enterprise environments.

For the highest level of protection for critical data, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition provides all the security features of Windows XP Professional, including encrypted file systems, access control, and more. The Tablet PC also provides a dedicated CTRL+ALT+DEL button for easy user login.

   In terms of advantages, the Android platform is first of all its development, and the development platform allows any mobile terminal manufacturer to join the Android Alliance. Significant openness allows it to have more developers, and as new users and applications become more sophisticated, a new platform will soon mature.

   Development is conducive to the accumulation of popularity for the development of Android. The popularity here includes consumers and manufacturers, and for consumers, the biggest benefit is rich software resources. An open platform will also bring more competition, so that consumers will be able to buy their favorite mobile phones at a lower price.

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