The Features of LCD Display

- Jun 25, 2019-

   Liquid crystal is a substance between a solid and a liquid, and is an organic compound having a regular molecular arrangement. It has the characteristics of large amount of information, easy colorization and low-voltage micro-power consumption. The following is a detailed description of the characteristics of the liquid crystal display for reference.

   The characteristics of the liquid crystal display The soft picture does not hurt the eye: unlike the CRT technology, the LCD screen will not flicker, which can reduce the damage of the display to the eyes, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue.

   Features of the liquid crystal display Power saving, no high temperature: it is a low-power product, can be done completely without hot, relative to CRT monitors, due to imaging technology inevitably produce high temperatures.

   Features of the liquid crystal display Thin body, save space: Compared with the more cumbersome CRT display, the LCD display is only one-third of the space of the former.

Features of LCD monitors No radiation, good health: LCD monitors are completely non-radiative, which is a boon for those who work in front of computers all day long.

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