The Features of Capacitive Touch Pos Machine

- May 07, 2018-

The Features of Capactive Touch Pos Machine

   As the pace of development of the times continues to advance, science and technology continue to innovate, More and more high-tech products have been developed and emerged in our lives, which have changed people’s lifestyles and brought convenience to peoples lives and improved peoples living standards.

  According to statistics, touch-control technology continues to mature, more and more electronic products use finger touch to achieve operations, which has become a habit for people. The touch All In One is a high-tech touch product that has a stylish appearance, simple operation, powerful functions, and easy installation. It can realize human-computer interaction” without the use of a keyboard and a mouse. operating.

What are the characteristics?

Display, touch, pos all in one design

8ms fast response, flat and thin structure

Stylish, overall sleek and beautiful

without debugging and driving

Strong anti-interference, stable operation, HD resolution 1920*1080

10 point capacitive touch screen, no bump surface, full surface, waterproof, explosion-proof, dustproof

Capacitive touch Pos all in one is a convenient, new type of human-computer interaction device. It combines the advantages of touch, pc, multimedia, influence network industrial modeling, machinery manufacturing, streamlined integrated design, flat product structure, with excellent performance Touch effect, can quickly complete the information query and display, truly simple and practical human-computer interaction.

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