The Feature of PDA And Barcode Reader

- May 24, 2019-

PDA features

With memory. The storage method is longer than the barcode scanner. The data scanned by the barcode data collector is stored in the memory of the collector, and then the data is transmitted to the computer through the transmission base or wirelessly to realize batch processing, which is very convenient. effectiveness.

PDA reader

The PDA can work the same without connecting to a computer, and the distance from the computer is not limited, and even different cities can be networked.

It has a screen, and you can see the scanned barcode information at any time.

It comes with a keyboard. If there is a barcode error, or if it cannot be scanned due to damage, you can use the keyboard input at any time.

The PDA system is flexible and is a system specially tailored for the majority of users. It can be developed according to the requirements of the enterprise.


Barcode Scanner features

The scanner has no memory and can only be transferred instantly.

Pos barcode reader

It can only be transmitted instantly. The barcode scanner must be connected to the computer to work. When the USB interface cable (or keyboard port, RS232 port) is connected to the computer, a barcode is scanned and a code data is displayed on your computer immediately.

Pos scanner has no screen. It is the barcode that is compiled by certain rules and converted into data. The user can understand it. That is, the information contained in the barcode scanner itself needs to go through two processes of scanning and decoding.

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