The Feature of Barcode Reader Interface

- May 28, 2019-

      Barcode scanner interface has three port, serial port (RS232), keyboard port (PS/2), USB interface. The scanners of the first two interfaces do not require a driver to be installed. The USB interface is subdivided into three modes: USB keyboard mode, USB serial port mode and USB HID mode. Below we focus on introducing you to the relevant driver knowledge of the USB interface.

       USB keyboard mode, mostly barcode scanner users only need to use this USB interface, plug and play, no need to install any driver. Because ,at this time the bar code reader acts like a keyboard and is an input tool. You can open Notepad, Word or Excel on your computer. After the scanner scans the barcode, the data will automatically appear at the cursor position of the computer.

       The other two modes need to install the driver. The USB serial port mode is mainly used in the factory or software requirements is the serial port transmission mode. This driver is the USB to serial port chip driver, and some will be divided into 32-bit driver and 64 bit according to the system. drive. If you want to scan the QR code containing Chinese, you must use the serial port to scan. If there is no corresponding software to receive the data, pass the data received by the serial port to the cursor. Another USB HID mode is similar to the USB serial port mode, and drivers are also installed, and special software receives data from the HID interface.

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